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       “(food traceability) :the definition is the food and the related information in the production, the processing, the circulation, in sales each stage,May(track or trace forward) and (track or trace forward) to search “Might trace” and “may trace” the concept, constructs becomes a kind of control system in the food sanitation security system, is so-called “food traceability”, for can enable such system to meet the information trace immediate demand, therefore the other is with emphasis penetrates the electronic technology to cause the information to be transparent, and can present immediately. In recent years, European , China, Japan and Taiwan were related the Controlling organization production traceability system, the processed food trace system and the circulation tracing system in the construction food upstream, the middle reaches, the downstream stage of and so on, had the first result.
        Present stage each country has the selfish departmentalism in the construction food traceability system, the major part of each country agriculture Department responsible for the work are in the construction agricultural product nontariff barrier to trade,certainly,relative consumer has the safeguard,but the international food traceability not mutually exchange or recognizes the mechanism mutually,so will increase the puzzle and the cost to food industry or the consumer, we hoped whole world food entrepreneurs can complete food safe control system, will produce good food for the general consumers edible, under this reason, we will only construct “Asia food traceability net ”, hoped that can establish one fairly by the folk strength, public, the public welfare independence (The third party food safe traceability system), the Asian area expends the populace for to have more choices chance, expected that the having a mind public figure participation positively invests and supports.

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